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Choosing Your Bozeman Wedding Venue

There are so many great Bozeman wedding venues, which makes it very difficult to make a wrong decision in this department. However, knowing what is important to you will help you find the venue that best fits your style.

Choosing a wedding venue is really a lot like choosing a college: at worst all of them are good, you’re going to get a quality product from each one, but when you find the right one, you will truly feel it. To find this out, there is no substitute for visiting your prospective venues in person.

With that in mind here are some of the most important criteria to consider in your search.


Location, Location, Location

For most couples this is not likely to be the most important consideration, but it should be one of the first as it will help you narrow down the choices to a manageable number. Do you want your wedding close to town, or would you rather be farther away? Do you want to have great mountain views, or would you rather be nestled in the forest or by the riverbank? Check out our interactive venue maps for location ideas.


Style and theme of your wedding

An old barn may not be the best venue choice if you don’t want a western feel to your wedding. If you have a storybook theme, you might want to look for something that resembles the feel and look of a castle. If you haven’t picked a theme yet, use the other criteria listed here, and maybe your venue search will help you come up with just the right one.



Your three biggest wedding expenses will be the food, photographer, and the venue. As with the location, this likely won’t be the most important for your final choice, but it will again help you narrow down the options. It is best to have a range of what you are willing to spend on your venue in mind before you really dive into your search. Do they have any hidden fees, like a cleanup fee or a cake cutting fee? Be sure to ask about what additional charges might be incurred before signing a contract.



Do you have a dream date for your wedding? If so, you may need to be flexible on your venue choice in case your top pick is already booked up. Having a backup date picked out is always helpful, and the sooner you begin your planning, the more likely your favorite venue will be available on your desired date.


Vendor restrictions

Some venues will only work with a shortlist of caterers or other vendors. Be sure to ask if they have any restrictions or a list of vendors they will (or won’t) work with. Chances are there’s a good reason they won’t work with a particular vendor and you may want to take that into consideration as you continue to plan your big day.


The Ceremony

Are you having the ceremony on site or at a church? If your ceremony is at a church, how easy is it to get to the reception venue from the church? If your ceremony will be on site, do they have a space that fits your needs? Most venues will have a ceremony site, some charge extra for hosting your ceremony, while others may include it in their packages.


Package Options

Some venues have accommodations or other amenities on-site. If this is the case, be sure you know what is included in the package you are choosing, and ask what other packages they have in case a different option might better fit your needs. Other things to ask about that may or may not be included are: Do they have tables and chairs? (Renting these can be expensive) What staff members are included in your package? Can you bring your own alcohol?


Time limits and quiet hours

Some venues require you to end the music by a certain time. If you know you want to stay up partying and dancing with your friends until 2am, a venue with a 10pm quiet hours restriction is not going to be the best fit. Some venues, if you only book for the day of, charge extra for going over the allotted time, make sure to ask how their pricing works if your plans change.



Where will most of your guests be staying? Having a hotel on-site or nearby can be very convenient if you have lots of out of town guests. If there are not nearby accommodation options, you’ll definitely want to consider providing transportation.



How will people get to and from your wedding venue? If there is going to be a lot of drinking it is best to provide a safe ride for those who’ve had too much. Most of your guests will be smart enough to plan for their own safe ride if they think they’ll need it, but the last thing you want is your special day being marked with any kind of tragedy.


Now that you know the most important things to think about, get out there and find your perfect Bozeman wedding venue.