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Engaged! Now What?

Picking a Date for your big day.

You have been waiting to say “Yes!” and now you have, but what do you do next? First things first is to spread the word, and not through social media – I know it’s not official until it’s Facebook Official but do you really want mom and dad finding out by reading a post online? Make sure to personally call everyone that is important in your life and have a conversation with them. Once you call your close friends and family take some time as a couple and don’t rush the first few days of bliss.

After a week you are going to start getting asked, by everyone, “Have you picked a date?” and chances are you have no idea how or when you want to get married. For me it took a friend marching me down to the book store to buy a wedding planner. She sat my fiancĂ© and I down and made us look at a calendar and pick a date in front of her. However, once I had a date everything became much easier to plan and get excited about! We came up with cute Save the Date ideas and started putting together a mailing list to get the word out that we had a date!

Here are my tips for things to think about as you consider an all important question – When are we tying the knot!?
* Pick a season that you both love – do you want a winter wonderland or a midsummers eve?
* Is there a number sequence that you love or have to have?
* Have an alternate date – Is your dream wedding venue available?
* When will most of your guests be able to make it?
* Weekend, Weekday or Holiday?
* How soon do you want it to happen – right away or do you need some time to plan?
Remember that everyone is going to want to be involved but the wedding is about you and your significant other. The most important thing is to pick a day that means something to both of you!