Your wedding guests may have come a long way to be at your wedding in Montana.  Though Bozeman is a small place, there are plenty of things to do for your guests, whether they are single, married, or have families.

Here’s a list of the top things to do in Bozeman (and surrounding areas)

The Museum of the Rockies. If your child enjoys dinosaurs (and most kids do) the Museum of the Rockies is the place to take your family.  They also have multiple planetarium shows every day if the family goes through the geology and western history exhibits quickly.  They also do seasonal exhibits that have previously featured Geckos, artifacts from Napoleon’s era, Ancient Egypt, and more.

Hike the M.  The quintessential Bozeman hike is the large white “M” nestled on the side of the Bridger Mountains northeast of Bozeman.  With low traffic you can be there in 10 minutes from downtown.

Soak at the Hot Springs.  For a family friendly (and indoor) hot springs experience, Bozeman Hot Springs is just 15-20 minutes from downtown and offers wet and dry saunas in addition to several temperature pool choices.  For live music, take a 30 minute drive to Norris Hot Springs on the weekend, or for a scenic drive and a nighttime experience, drive about 50 minutes to Chico Hot Springs in Paradise Valley.

Yellowstone National Park.  A great family getaway for a day or a weekend.  Experience western wildlife while driving through the park.  Check out Lake Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone featuring two incredible waterfalls.  To do a complete circuit of the Park, it’s best to allow at least a full day.

Bozeman Beach. Also known as the East Gallatin Recreation Area, it’s a summer hot spot for enjoying a relaxing day ‘at the beach’.  Soak up the sun, or bring a tube to enjoy the water.  Kayaks and SUPs are also welcome and highly encouraged.

Main Street to the Mountains.  Grab a bike and cruise around Bozeman’s great network of in-town trails.  The Galligator trail runs from the Library all the way to the south-side, and links directly to Burke Park at the north end where Pete’s Hill offers great views of town and the valley. Always remember to share the trail.

Lewis and Clark Caverns. Explore a subterranean wonder, for people of all ages.  There is a ½ mile hike up to the cavern entrance, so visitors with handicaps may be limited to the visitor center.

Hike or float at Hyalite.  Just a short 25 minute drive from Bozeman’s city center, Hyalite has plenty of hiking trails, and also has handicap accessible paved trails if needed.

Bozeman Brewery Tour.  Great new microbreweries are popping up quickly in the Bozeman area, sample all the latest options with friends, but make sure to bring a DD if you’re doing a full tour!

Go Downtown.  Bozeman’s downtown has some great opportunities for gift shopping and eclectic merchandise.  Cactus Records and Vargo’s Books sell vinyl albums, and Country Bookshelf offers some great reads for the bookworms in your party.  Stop for a coffee or fresh brewed tea at one of the coffee/tea houses. Find live music virtually every night of the week plays every night.

Gallatin History Museum.

Out of town guests may also enjoy:

Horseback riding

Seeing Grizzly Bears

Guided Fly Fishing

Rafting / Tubing