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1) Take a deep breath

2) Give them a hug because they are going to feel like the scum of the earth.

3) Go to plan B. You do have a plan B, right?


Your first thought would likely be something along the lines of “everything is ruined!” But fear not, because every problem has a solution. With many people including groom’s cakes, multiple cakes of different flavors, or cupcakes that involve many boxes for transport, there’s probably still lots of cake to go around. Even if there’s not, you may at least be able to salvage some cake from the destruction to at least satisfy your ceremonial cutting and feeding your new spouse (hopefully without making a mess!). There’s always a supermarket cake, or maybe your baker is a superhero and can whip up something new (although less ornate) and deliver it before the end of the night.


If all else fails and there really is now no cake at all, use it as a reason for some meaningful reflection. Your big day isn’t about a silly cake. It’s about the Love between you and the special person that you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with. Chances are you’ll laugh about it someday anyway, “haha, remember when so-and-so dropped the cake at our wedding?”


The real lesson in this thought experiment is that leading up to your wedding day, and even on the big day itself, something is likely to go wrong at some point. The best thing to do is stay calm, be rational, and make the best of a bad situation. Maybe you called to pay your final deposit on the ceremony site and they’ve somehow double-booked your date! Maybe the catering truck gets in an accident and they’re left scrambling to figure out how to feed 50 (or 250) hungry guests! It might even be a much smaller problem, like a bit of rain, or they delivered the wrong color napkins. If any of the above situations do arise, it can help a lot if you have a wedding planner to take on the stress for you.
The possibilities are endless. Your job is to realize that everything is going to be alright and to just enjoy yourself despite the world’s best attempts to rain on your parade.